Practical Mama

Embrace Food as Medicine

Learn how to use food as medicine, every day.

Invest in Yourself

Partake in your wellness journey on your time.

Utilize Nature's Medicine

Live a sustainable and alternative health/wellness lifestyle.

Are You...?

  • Confused by conflicting dietary information?
  • Fixated on what you might be putting in your body?
  • Unsure how to grocery shop safely in the USA?
  • Frustrated with seemingly risky holistic remedies?
  • Tired of being disregarded by the traditional healthcare system?
  • Overwhelmed by supplement and food labels?
  • Hesitant to change how you’ve always eaten?
  • Scared of the long-term complications of your illness if things continue the way they are? 

Imagine If You Could...

  • Integrate traditional and alternative medicine for your benefit.
  • Work with your body’s intelligence, rather than against it.
  • Read and interpret food and supplement labels with confidence.  
  • Connect with local farms and farmers.  
  • Discover a personalized nutrition plan, completely unique to your biological make up. 
  • Avoid long-term complications of poor diet and lifestyle choices. 
  • Nourish your body the way it deserves to optimize its function. 
  • Avoid missing out on important events and family functions due to illness. 

Let's Journey Together to Wellness

What Inspires Me

 While traditional medicine has been a blessing to so many, it continues to endorse healthcare disparities for women.


Women’s pain is treated less often than men’s pain, we are told to “suck it up”, our symptoms are dismissed or overlooked, and maternal death is on the rise.


Practical Mama Wellness helps women and their families succeed on their journey to wellness. My courses and content are created to make it easy to learn & enjoy long-lasting wellness results that do not fade overtime.


I am focused on wellness for the WHOLE person taking into consideration their physical, mental, and spiritual health.


I am here as a service, resource, and community for women on their wellness journeys. I look forward to connecting with you! 



A New Old Way to Grow Food: